Country: The Netherlands
    Province: Zeeland (NL)
    Location: NL - Goes
    Therapist for: Men, Women
    Therapy form: Pelvic floor massage, Deep tissue massage, Energetic massage, Intimacy coaching, Sexual healing, Tantra coaching, Tantra massage (lingam), Tantra massage (yoni), Tantrahypno massage

    About me

    Kaat tantra massageEvery time it came up that I could do something with massage, but it didn't affect me because I really wanted to make a difference in the lives of my clients. And that didn't happen enough for me with normal massage. Until I came into contact with tantra and started combining all the different tools during my tantra massages and coaching.
    As a hypnotherapist I then created tantrahypno massage together with a number of other hypnotherapists, who are also tantrika. I combine coaching, hypnosis, BMR (body-mind release), Access Bars and tantra in one.

    My clients do not only come for a nice massage but to get rid of certain blockages they encounter in their life. And I love to help people with that. Many blockages are stuck in the pelvic area but not all. Some are trapped in your heart, in your stomach, in your head (obstructing core beliefs), in your cells. And together we will lift those blocks and eliminate negative beliefs and overwrite them with positive new ones.

    And that is the process you go through during the tantrahypno treatments that I give you with a lot of love. This massage goes very deep, you enter a state of absolute surrender, it feels like heaven on earth. When you are in that trance state, the magic will begin. Afterwards you will feel the change, the shift in your body.

    Do you want to undergo a real change, experience a profound transformation, make an appointment with me quickly and we would like to see each other.

    You determine the boundaries in advance, we discuss what a boundary is for you and what you like. You decide and not me. You can say what you want to achieve on this journey. Your goals are my starting point and the start of a beautiful and valuable adventure that you will enjoy throughout your life.

    See it as a gift for yourself, you are worth living the sweetest life you want. You are in good hands with me and I will make you feel like the center of this planet. That you feel safe and enjoy this massage. Know that this goes much deeper than you can imagine in advance, that you can finally break through those patterns that have been bothering you for so long. That keep you from living your life on your terms.

    We will work on that and I will do my utmost to realize that for you, with all the tools and gifts that I have in me.

    I combine all my skills and training in this massage, it will not be comparable to anything you have experienced before. Are you ready for it? For real transformation? In a safe environment? I am ready and I hope you are too.

    Relationships and tantra

    I was also allowed to coach many couples in recent years and what I noticed was that they could not break free from their patterns that have been worn in from childhood. Whatever they did about it, they couldn't break certain habits. And that causes hassle in your life and in your relationships. That's because the emotion that was associated with something you experienced in the past has settled in your body. You cannot solve that with talking, for that you have to use bodywork to be able to release that energy that is stuck in the body.

    By making a combination of bodywork and coaching, you build a bridge between the two so that you as a couple make progress again. The old energies are released so that everything can flow freely again, also in the sexual area. I have experienced many times that this can save your relationship. I think it is so great to be able to contribute to that, so be more than welcome for an intake interview to explore what is possible!

    Think of it as an adventure, because we never learned at school how to nurture relationships. And certainly not how we can feed, please and give love to ourselves, and that is just as important in the present day and age.

    Whatever your question or challenge is, do not hesitate to contact me and we will find a solution together. Be welcome!


    Carla tantra massage praktijk

    Tantra massage

    Tantra massage is a pure form of enjoyment, it removes the stress from your body and activates your happiness hormones to make you feel wonderfully relaxed. And while you enter a wonderful trance state, I combine the massage with hypnosis. As a result, everything comes deep into your subconscious and real transformation of what you want occurs. You can let go of your old non-working patterns and replace them with patterns that work better for you.

    We will work with your mindset while you are in deep relaxation. We wake up your sexual area so that everything starts to flow. I am going to reset your Body and your Mind to the cellular level. And bring your energy back into balance. Your energy level is the driver of your body and if that is out of balance, then everything is more viscous. Also your health. So we will work in all areas to regain your full potential by activating your energy and putting you back in your power!

    • Clearing blockages and trauma
    • Reset and replace obstructive core beliefs
    • Develop a deeper connection with your heart and (sex) center
    • Releasing stress and tension in your body
    • Relationship therapy when the solutions are in the physical area
    • Forgiveness is sometimes part of letting go
    • Resolve stuck emotions, shame and guilt
    • Learn to manage your own energy
    • Dare to be yourself on all levels
    • Tapping into your happiness
    • Improve your health and vitality
    • Gift for yourself: because you are 100% worth it!

    Duo tantra massage

    If you feel like sharing this experience with your partner or friend, you can also opt for our duo tantra massage.
    The massage is given by Jake and myself.

    Practical agreements

    • Be on time so that the scheduled times can be respected.
    • Respect for each other's boundaries is crucial.
    • If the appointment cannot take place, please notify 24 hours in advance so that no unnecessary costs are charged.
    • Good hygiene is a must! If this is not the case, the massage cannot continue.
    • Drink plenty of water after the massage so that released waste can be properly drained.
    • I am not naked during the session and under no circumstances engage in sexual interaction with you as the recipient.
    • The lingam and yoni massage are not aimed at a happy ending.
    • Please bring appropriate cash. The settlement is always BEFORE the massage so that you can remain in complete relaxation afterwards and do not immediately have to go back to your head.
    • Enjoyment is the message.

    Attention: I do NOT give massages on weekends. Please take this into account when proposing dates on the appointment form!


    Tantra massage, pelvic floor massage, energetic massage, deep massage, sexual healing:

    • 2 hours - 200 euro (15min intake conversation, 1h30min massage, 15min to land back and possible sharing round. (without lingam/yoni massage)
    • 2.5 hours - 250 euro (15min intake conversation, 2h massage, 15min to land back and possible partial round. (lingam/yoni massage possible)
    • 3 hours - 300 euro (15min intake conversation, 2h30min massage, 15min to land back and possible sharing round (lingam/yoni massage possible)

    Tantrahypno massage, hypno-ero session:

    • 2 hours - 210 euro
    • 2.5 hours - 260 euro
    • 3 hours - 310 euro

    Duo tantra massage:

    • 3 hours - 500 euro (2x 250) (15min intake conversation, 2h30min massage, 15min to land back and possible sharing round (lingam/yoni massage possible)

    Tantric relationship coaching, intimacy coaching:

    • 15 min: Free exploratory conversation with targeted questions to evaluate whether this is for you
    • 2 hours - 250 euro
    • 2.5 hours - 300 euro
    • 3 hours - 350 euro

    Attention: I do NOT give massages on weekends. Please take this into account when proposing dates on the appointment form!

    Hey Kaat, Friday with you, seeing myself being born again, in complete safety…  Towards the end of the massage I was really in my meditative state.
    I feel that I can now really integrate the safety of Friday into my life, I am very happy with that. Thanks a lot!

    Anita (session 1) [therapist: Kaat]

    Hi Kaat, thank you for the great session, I benefited a lot from it.
    I feel fitter again and have more peace in my body, thanks again for the massage. Greetings

    Frank (session 1) [therapist: Kaat]

    Good morning Kaat, I just wanted to let you know that it was a nice experience on Tuesday with the massage / removing blockages. I really felt a lot lighter and also protecting myself from other energies is going a lot better! Thank you for this and see you next time 😀

    Sharon (session 1) [therapist: Kaat]

    Dear Kaat, I am doing very well after our session ☺️ I caught myself a few more times almost doing things for my partner or others that they can do themselves, so I better draw my line. I feel more confident and more comfortable in my own skin. thank you for the precious lessons of our session! 🙏🏼

    Amber (session 1) [therapist: Kaat]

    Hi Kaat, I feel lighter, and I have the feeling that the 7 kg that I have too much can now be removed more easily (I have adjusted my diet since 2 weeks). I just know, I can let that go now too. On Thursday I felt no pain in my neck for the first time (in months). I could let my shoulders hang and my head stood straight on my torso. I can just be there. I bought a woman's body candle to give to Jan on New Year's Eve. Yesterday I saw my father and I told him that I had been working hard, processing and stuff (no details). Then he asked what else he could do for me! I said: show up a little more and let yourself be heard more, and ignore yourself a little less. He understood immediately 🙂. Well, things are moving.
    Thanks for the nice session 🙏🏼 Many greetings and have a nice Saturday

    Anita (session 1) [therapist: Kaat]

    Dear Kaat, 

    I already received many massages, from all kinds of schools and courses, but your tantrahypno massage was completely new.
    The introduction, the massage and especially the long repetitive caresses on the stomach where all negative feelings are stored. The relaxation was total and I feel a lot lighter and have really enjoyed it! I am very grateful and will definitely come back.

    Fer (session 1) [therapist: Kaat]

    Hi Kaat, thank you for your nice session. It felt very safe to be so vulnerable. I'm still completely amazed by the power that came up but now in softness 🌸🙏 was a very nice session. Thank you and kind regards.

    Eva (session 1) [therapist: Kaat]

    First of all, thank you Kaat for all the info and help you have given me. It was valuable information related to my problem. And as for the massage, it was very nice and very respectful. I really liked it. I practice and do those exercises that you have given me.
    I am very grateful to you, most masseurs do the removal of energy once, but you as a masseur have done this respectfully twice. I really appreciate that. So thank you for this great experience Kaat.

    Kees (session 1) [therapist: Kaat]

    I have suffered from endometriosis since I was 18 years old. After years of visiting various hospitals throughout the country, I came to Kaat in May this year. Through her I found out that I may have developed this through an emotional event. A different approach instead of looking at the solution and not at the cause.
    I have now had two intensive sessions in which we went in search of the cause why I developed endometriosis.
    The result after these sessions so far is that I feel that I am relieved in my complaints, have more energy and have gained more insights into my personality.
    I got to know Kaat as driven and knowledgeable person, someone you feel comfortable sharing personal things with. She is always there for you and is very involved.
    If you yourself also suffer from chronic complaints, do something about these and do not hesitate to contact Kaat.

    Thank you for everything Kate, love Karola

    Karola (session 1) [therapist: Kaat]

    Hi Kaat, 

    I would like to thank you and give a big compliment for the session. It was a great experience for me that really helps me on my way. You handle it so well and I am amazed at the knowledge you have, simply formidable. I really feel the change in myself, thank you for that and have a nice day!

    Joop (session 1) [therapist: Kaat]

    Dear Kaat, you listen, you feel, you propose, you heal, you make whole. From our first contact I felt safe and I could confide in you. You taught me to listen to myself. To really listen, to my deepest, real me and not to the outside influences. You taught me to embrace and love myself.

    I have now attended 2 sessions with you. Your involvement during and between sessions is heartwarming. Layer by layer, at my pace, you guide me to get where I want to be. And for that I can only thank you with all my heart.

    I have another nice side effect of my treatment with you to report. My PMS is so much less! Unbelieveable. Ok, I feel something coming. Yes, I feel a bit more emotional than non-PMS days. But I'm not a wreck and I can think about everything calmly and put things into perspective better, even remain cheerful under it. What a vast difference from the emotional wreck I used to be on those days!! 🤩❤️

    Nele (session 2) [therapist: Kaat]

    I was looking for something energetic and "accidentally" came across Kaat. What a difference this has made to me. I have now had 2 sessions but have become so much more myself. In the first session it was as if a button had been flipped. Self-esteem was 0 with me, I didn't know self-love, but she made me feel who and what I am. The power that is in your own body overcomes so much and you can continue with that. She helps you find that out and is damn good at it. She sees and feels what you need and you get it. There is still a long way to go for me, but I have full confidence in it!

    Kees (session 1) [therapist: Kaat]

    A more beautiful experience than we could have imagined

    We came to Kaat for our first Tantra/ experience.
    Because we had indicated via the app that we were also curious about coaching/hypnosis, the session started with a conversation.
    She asked us what problems/topics we were facing and immediately gave us clarifying answers.
    During the session itself she was very clear in her explanation and she also asked very neatly whether certain actions were desirable and within our limits.
    After we warmed up, she was able to spot deeper issues (even without us telling you about them) and tackle them right away.
    We have cried, laughed and enjoyed ourselves and now, a few days later, we still feel fully charged and ready for the continuation of our journey of discovery.
    We will absolutely come back!

    Love Gemma & Maarten

    Gemma and Maarten (session 1) [therapist: Kaat]

    I still wanted to let you hear from me this year. Time flies by🤭
    After my 1st SATISFIED session with you to stop smoking, I want to tell you how the follow-up has been after my 2nd session.

    By quitting smoking I had NO problem, but MY body did. Nasty side effects from smoking cessation. Weight gain, a bit depressed, anxiety attacks (which I had problems with a long time ago) suddenly reappeared… For me there was only 1 solution… Go back to Kaat.

    The 2nd session was completely different from the 1st, but also very HEALING 🙌. My weight loss is not going very smoothly. But what is important to me, the anxiety attacks have disappeared and I am much stronger. The proof is there now… during the winter I have never dared to drive a car in minus 0 temperatures and snow for many years. But I've been ALONE on the road every time this winter with the session I had with you in mind. I can't thank you enough . Also got my joie de vivre back 💪. I am much stronger in my shoes = Feet on the ground well rooted 😊

    I will definitely be back for a 3rd session. It's a bit of a drive BUT worth it. REALLY FOR SUCH A COOL WOMAN!!!

    Greetings and see you later!

    Marja (session 2) [therapist: Kaat]

    Dear Kate, I have been enjoying the last months and weeks immensely since our session. Haven't felt this good in years. Really feel that I am now in my power. Usually I feel a little less this period, but now I just have a lot of zest for life and enjoy all the beautiful things that happen around me. And the bad moments don't affect me at all. I've had a Merry Christmas and made some good decisions that I really stand behind. That feels very nice. So thanks again for everything!

    Ed (session 1) [therapist: Kaat]

    Hi Kaat

    I really do feel much more energetic and lively because of your massage. Also, I have no more neck pain since then, very happy with it. I will definitely come back if I may.

    Thank you in advance

    Bill (session 1) [therapist: Kaat]

    Hi Kaat,

    As promised, I want to let you know how I am doing after 2.5 months.
    I'm so glad that, based on the testimonials on the site, I made an appointment for hypnotantra with you.
    We had to drive a bit from Belgium, but it was really worth it.
    Due to a double hernia in the neck, I had a lot of pain in shoulder, arm and continuous tingling down the arm.
    I also wanted to quit smoking.
    You worked on these 2 things.
    Well I can tell you that the pain in the shoulder and arm is no longer a problem since your treatment.
    Now, after 2.5 months, I still don't feel like cigarettes. (still smoke free )
    Once again THANK YOU a thousand times!!!
    At the slightest problem I consider returning to you 👍.
    I still use the balance oil daily. (Have to say that my stomach is a bit sensitive to that, but it works for now.)

    Marja (session 1) [therapist: Kaat]

    Oh Kaat,

    Who could have ever imagined that?
    After a long search I came across Kaat on the internet and her story and the photo that radiated a lot of warmth made me change my mind and I finally dared to contact her to make an appointment. I had been somewhat disoriented for some time by the 2 turbulent years I had experienced and I arrived at Kaat hyper, under enormous stress and a huge unrest in my mind and body on my first appointment on March 23, 2021. She sincerely listened to my story and after this warm conversation I decided to go full for tantra. It turned out that I had quite a bit of trouble surrendering to it because of the unrest and sadness that was still inside me. She particularly felt that sadness flawlessly and guided me through my blockages during the first session, so that I could almost completely surrender. I felt that I still had a "long" way to go, but the first tantra session was hopeful and I immediately made a 2nd appointment for April 14, 2021. In that 2nd session I could feel myself partly due to the loving treatment and magical hands of Kaat completely surrendering and that was a revelation to me. Because it felt heavenly, even cosmic! The next appointment was not long in coming and the 3rd session took place on May 6, 2021 in which Kaat emerged not only as the professional tantramasseuse but also as an expert in the field of nutrition and the psychological level. She was/is too good to be true, but I speak from experience because she got me on track in less than 3 months! That is why she is more than a tantramasseuse for me and she is now my life coach who has become an integral part of my life. Apart from the fact that she can take you to unprecedented heights, she can also provide you with professional advice on the basis of the basic needs that every person has, so that you can regain total balance and lay a solid foundation for a positive look to the future and a loving life full of joy.

    A deep bow and a more than warm thank you straight from the heart to you Kaat for restoring my compass!


    Esmeralda (session 1) [therapist: Kaat]

    We had a wonderful weekend, especially thanks to you.
    Hans and I found the experience REALLY fun and fantastic 👍💪.
    Hans was completely happy and I was especially happy, because on Saturday and today I am calm, relaxed and still don't feel like smoking cigarettes.
    Wow, even my shoulder, neck and arm are much much better. I feel almost nothing for now.
    So thank you on behalf of us, we are really very happy


    Marja (session 1) [therapist: Kaat]

    I want to let you know that your session last Monday yields much more than just an increasing orgasmic potential that I will certainly give you feedback on next Wednesday ......... namely: I feel emotionally stronger and less vulnerable, I can look more objectively to what used to come in very hard, I feel a weakening of the negative sides of my being highly sensitive ... I am OH SO happy with this ... this is even more important to me than that orgasmic potential. I would very much like to wish you a very nice weekend!

    Love and a big hug, An

    An (session 1) [therapist: Kaat]

    From the first moment I entered your place there was a feeling of openness and warmth that appealed to me enormously. I often remember the first conversation with tantra masseuses as exploratory, but with you it was as if I had known you for years. You also feel that there is already a kind of bond without knowing each other that is difficult to describe, you feel it or you don't feel it.

    What I find very special about her massages is that she has elevated the loving way of massaging to an art. I have been going to various tantra masseuses for 12 years and nobody can be compared to Kaat, she really stands out head and shoulders. I know that this is a personal feeling and experience and that can be very different for someone else, but if you are sensitive it is a fantastic experience and it can never last too long. Kaat, thank you for the beautiful moments we have already experienced and I hope to visit you often.


    Henk (session 1) [therapist: Kaat]

    good morning Kaat,

    I just wanted to thank you again for yesterday's very inspiring session; has done me so much joy;
    then had a super nice walk in the sun and even slept well and that was a long time ago

    to end with a sincere compliment; I think you are a super warm person, who does her job fantastically with so much dedication and passion.

    See you soon

    dear greetings

    Wim (session 1) [therapist: Kaat]

    I had been stressed for a while, also when I came to you, and I was quite excited. Because I didn't know tantra yet.

    I have been struggling with all kinds of issues for years and have followed a lot of therapy in my life because of my addictions, including sex addiction. That's why I wanted to try something completely different, because I've had it with all the talking by now. So I ended up with tantra. I already looked into it for a while before I dared to make an appointment, that was a big step. When I read your story I knew I had to be with you. And I am glad I took the step.

    I thought it was a very special experience that I was able to experience from you Kaat in a safe environment and with a lot of warmth and love. I am amazed at how quickly I felt at ease with you. Your hands radiate so much heat, really amazing. This was something very new for me and definitely worth repeating.

    I sometimes felt very emotional and a lot of old sadness, shame and guilt came loose and you supported me perfectly so that I could take it on. I have let go of my old patterns and I got tips and tools from you on how I can recognize them and deal with them differently in the future. This is definitely worth repeating and I recommend it to anyone who gets stuck in their life.

    Thank you very much

    Leo (session 1) [therapist: Kaat]

    I want to let you know I was flabbergasted. I have experienced many beautiful tantra sessions with different tantrikas, but this one with you Kaat really hit everything.

    It was like I was floating. Your hands are magical and you have such a nice and warm energy, really nice to be able to experience. You just feel the love and sincerity you are working with.

    You asked me during the intake how I wanted to feel afterwards and I immediately said: I want to experience a wow feeling. You responded jokingly: "You set the bar nice and high, aren't you Marijn". And within 5 minutes of being on the mat, I was already shouting: Wow. Because it really was.

    Days later I still feel relaxed and it feels like I can take on the world, I have so much energy.

    Thank you for this great session. I'm sure I'll be back soon because it felt like heaven.

    Marijn (session 1) [therapist: Kaat]

    I want to thank you again for the nice first session. Special, loving experience and a very nice energy. I literally still feel it flowing through my body.

    Glad I went in anyway because as you know I had a lot of doubts because I found it very exciting! But you really put me at ease and I have experienced that I was allowed to clear many blockages in your safe setting. I'm planning to learn more about it and will probably visit you again, Kaat.

    Greetings Michael

    Michael (session 1) [therapist: Kaat]

    The story you shared Kaat on the website about your path and the approach that resulted from it immediately caught my attention.

    Already during the first exploratory telephone contact I knew I was at the right place. There was an instant click between us, which only deepened during the hypno-tantra session itself.

    The warmth you radiate brings a sense of security. You also give yourself with heart and soul, so that I felt an enormous connection with you and my process of surrender started effortlessly.

    Based on all your competences you have ensured that I walked out on clouds at the end of the session. My physical complaints had melted away, but above all I felt free and strong. I could experience the beginning of a shift in myself.

    I am very grateful to this beautiful, warm lady with passion for what she does - because you are and you do super Kaat - very grateful.

    Kathleen, 53y from Boom (session 1) [therapist: Kaat]

    I thought the session was really special. I was quite tense because it was my first time to do something with tantra. I had read a lot about it and when I found this website I immediately knew I had to be with you. It felt right right away when I came in and I relaxed immediately as you comfortably asked me some questions and made it clear to me that safety is the most important thing and that you would never cross my limits.

    I had been suffering from a burnout for a long time and I wanted to get rid of that. I have to say that I am amazed at the effect. The many sessions with my psychologist have had no more impact than 1 session with you. You have released blockages in my pelvic area which made me feel so much more free afterwards, really wonderful to experience. My whole body tingled, it started with my hands, then my feet and at some point I felt the energy flow through my entire body. Really nice to experience how that life energy was blocked and could now just flow again. It's been over a week now and I still feel very energetic. Thank you for this beautiful session.

    Sunny greetings

    Leen, 29y from Antwerpen (session 1) [therapist: Kaat]

    What a great experience I had with you on Tuesday Kaat, I am extremely grateful for that. Because I had been walking around with stress for some time and that was increasing and I could not "stop" it.
    The strange thing is that I suddenly have a lot more energy and am less tired after the tantrahypno, I am even more positive; I think it's madness.
    I think you touched me very deeply on Tuesday.
    In any case, I have a great feeling about it; also the way you performed it, super intense and personal.
    I will definitely come back to you, it was a joy to experience.

    W. from Antwerpen (session 1) [therapist: Kaat]

    I ended up on your website because I was looking for a quick solution to my burnout that I had been in for a while. 20 treatments with my psychologist did not bring me much and I was looking for a different way. I'm so glad that I ended up with you Kaat. I had thought about hypnosis before, but because I am someone who does not easily hand over control to someone else, I found that scary. But I love massage so I thought: this combination of massage and hypnosis is the perfect solution for me. Thank you for this transformation, it has taken me so many steps on the road to recovery. I'm going back to work next month, so I'm happy with that.

    Bianca (session 1) [therapist: Kaat]

    I just wanted to let you know that I experienced the session as very nice. That sadness and restless feeling about what happened to my uncle and grandfather is quiet now. I always start to cry to the song "you never walk alone" and I can't listen to it. Today I didn't have to cry when I heard it. There wasn't really much grief, you do miss them but it doesn't actually hurt. This is not the main thing I came for, but very nice that I was able to let go of this. I think that is also because I know that they can now continue, I am very grateful for that. I feel better and better and I have more energy. Now I am curious how I will walk the path sexually with my boyfriend, I am very curious.

    Melanie, 35y from Terneuzen (session 1) [therapist: Kaat]

    I came across your name on the website and saw your picture and immediately had a good feeling with you. When I was welcomed into your practice, I immediately felt at ease. You reassured me by saying that I can fully determine what I do and don't want. And can immediately indicate if something does not feel good. That was not necessary at all, because you flawlessly felt what I needed and where my limits were. I could tell that you did that by feeling because you also asked if I felt certain things and I was. That confirmed my confidence in you. You have increased my confidence and you've taken my stress away and I will be eternally grateful for that.
    Thank you Kaat for your help, you are a very good masseuse.

    Michiel (session 1) [therapist: Kaat]

    I was triggered by tantrahypno, I knew tantra but had never heard of this combination. So I made an appointment and was able to go after 2 weeks.
    I have experienced many tantra sessions with different masseuses but nothing can be compared with this treatment. The combination of tantra with hypnosis makes it very intense and profound. I had some blockages from the past in the sexual field and you helped me enormously with that. Everything is flowing again now. Where I used to feel cold around my pelvis, it now feels wonderfully warm according to my friend and I can even enjoy it.
    Thank you for your wonderful tantrahypno massage and the safety you offered me.

    Monique (session 1) [therapist: Kaat]

    Are you pregnant?
    Additional cost of 100€ for rental space, petrol and extra time (excl. duo & 4-hands)
    I will inform you as soon as possible of the additional costs for kilometers and extra time
    I will inform you as soon as possible of the additional costs for kilometers and extra time
    PAY ATTENTION! Zoë only gives coaching, NO MASSAGE!
    View Frederike's profile for more information about the possible sessions.
    For an appointment, please only propose dates from November.
    Energetic organ massage
    Neuro-emotional integration
    Given by Christophe and Saskia
    Given by Christophe and Anke
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    Given by Christophe and Anke
    Longer session possible (+ 50€ per extra 30 min)
    DO NOT suggest dates on weekends please
    DO NOT suggest dates on weekends please
    DO NOT suggest dates on weekends please
    DO NOT suggest dates on weekends please
    Double rate applies for duo massage.
    Double rate applies for duo massage.
    These sessions include conversation, preparation and ritual, massage of 1.5-2h-3h, refreshing and aftertalk.
    View my profile with whom I can give the massage.
    View my profile with whom I can give the massage.
    More info at personal contact
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    Watch some videos to see and hear more about tantra massage, including a demo video of a session with Saskia.