Tantrahypno massage

What is tantrahypno massage?

Tantrahypno massageTantrahypno massage combines tantra massage with hypnosis.

The energy flow that is released by tantra dissolves internal blockages and while the therapist is busy with this and feels where the energy stops, a hypnotic suggestion will be made to clear the blockage faster and at a profound level. In this way, body, mind and universe work together to achieve optimal growth on physical, spiritual, mental and emotional levels.

We use breathing, concentration, mindfulness, meditation and hypnotic techniques together and that creates magical transformations.
In the Western world, tantra is given a personal interpretation in all kinds of ways, which makes it difficult to know what the authentic teaching actually entails. That is why every tantra treatment is different and this tantrahypno treatment is an absolutely high-quality massage in the field of transformation.

In our current society, our social life and the economy are not always stable. This ensures that almost everyone experiences more stress than average. This stress has a negative effect on our health, especially on our immune system.

Tantrahypno can help reset your stress system so that you can release stress more easily so that it is not stored in your cell memory.

In summary, you can see this tantrahypno massage as a combination of Ayurvedic massage, a tantric approach to life and hypnosis that ensure that your body can recover from blockages and other discomforts down to the cellular level.

The massage itself can be considered in its basic form as a relaxation massage. To go into hypnosis you need a trance state that you automatically enter through the intensive massage. You don't have to put in any effort and easily hand over control to the therapist based on trust. We work with prana, the universal energy that is present in and around everything and everyone. Prana is the life force that everyone needs to function mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Through pressure on the countless energy points that the body contains, in combination with hypnotic suggestions, this energy can be generated and moved and transformation takes place at the cellular level. The goal in tantrahypno is for this treatment to boost the energy of the soul, making you feel more resilient and energized.


You will be put at ease by the therapist in a professional manner, after which the massage will start. You are massaged in a very slow way and pressure points are touched to put you in a deep trance state. When you are at a certain depth of your trance state, there is a certain moment of letting go. At that moment your subconscious is opened and we can "overwrite" your old patterns and blockages through hypnotic suggestions (which we discuss in advance). As if your hard drive of conscious patterns is reinstalled via your subconscious. Beyond the critical factor that sits in your brain between your conscious and subconscious and normally acts as a "firewall" for outside intruders. We circumvent this so that we can work directly with the subconscious part.

According to many, it is a very nice, blissful experience that will stay with you for a long time.