Lomi lomi massage

Lomi lomi massage kahunaLomi lomi massage is a holistic massage in which the whole body is massaged with flowing movements according to Hawaiian tradition. This involves using the forearms, palms, and elbows in a series of alternating techniques. Unlike classical massages, work is not only done on a physical level, but also more deeply on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. Some even experience it as a (trance) journey to the interior of the soul!


Lomi lomi massage stems from traditional Hawaiian healing arts and literally means to knead, rub or soothe. It is in fact a massage ritual originally performed by shamanic practitioners, also known as the Kahuna.

The most commonly used style is the Temple Style, created by kahuna Abraham Kauai'i. The featured flowing, undulating touches symbolize the rhythms of nature, such as the powerful waves of the ocean and the sparkling waterfalls. The style incorporates elements of Hawaiian combat technique as well as Hawaiian dance.

A lomi lomi massage also contains many shamanic elements, such as:

  • Invocation of the Spiritual Hawaiian Ancestors (Aumakua)
  • Working energetically
  • Working with the Breath (Ha Breath)
  • Communication with the elements earth, water, air and fire

How does a lomi lomi massage work?

The place where the lomi lomi massage takes place is first energetically cleaned and prepared. The masseur/masseuse also enhances his or her healing power by connecting with the spiritual Hawaiian ancestors.
Together with the recipient, a personal intention is set for the session.

lomi lomi massage

During the lomi lomi massage, visualizations and songs (chants) are lovingly worked in a dance around and over the body of the recipient. The long, flowing movements performed are like ocean waves and wash away the tension in the body, stimulating the natural flow of life energy (mana) in the body. A large amount of warm oil is used for this.

Just like with tantra massage, the giver connects with the receiver, who can let go in complete safety and confidence and step by step reaches a state of deeper surrender.

What effects does a lomi lomi massage bring about?

When the above-mentioned state of deeper surrender is reached, this promotes the self-healing capacity of the body, whereby emotional and mental blockages can also be resolved.

A further list of possible effects:

  • Deep relaxation and rest
  • A sense of harmony in body, mind and soul
  • You return to your core and rediscover the unity within yourself
  • More energy flow and a boost of life energy
  • Restore your inner balance
  • Good for connective tissue, which can lead to skin improvement
  • Positive effect on muscles, organs, senses, blood circulation, nervous system and immune system