A good feeling, a good life is the result of getting to know yourself with and through your body. In our Western world, unfortunately, many people are no longer attuned to their bodies due to causes such as a performance-oriented society, which often causes a lot of stress. This can be changed with the necessary self-knowledge and self-care.

Our Western approach is based on scientific knowledge with clear and specific guidelines for self-care, such as healthy eating, adequate sleep, work and private life, etc. Whether we follow these guidelines is of course another matter.

With the Eastern approach, self-care provides access to embodied knowledge. This includes practices such as mindfulness, meditation and yoga. These are not driven by the conscious, thinking and rational ego. We simply carry them out and our body experiences the effects. Together we can place this under the heading of spirituality.

When these 2 methods are combined, they deliver the best of 2 worlds. One step further than combining is integration, an evolution that is in full swing and where touch is central. Treatment is not only psychotherapeutic, but also physical! And so massage comes in the spotlight.

We are gradually leaving the dualism between body and mind behind us and a holistic approach is becoming increasingly common. Everything is connected with everything, a person must be considered and treated as a whole.