The female orgasm

Women are blessed with a lot of possible ways to reach orgasm. This can be done, for example, through stimulation of the nipples, clitoris, G-spot, cervix, anus,... where most women achieve orgasm through a combination of clitoral and G-spot stimulation, often with a central role for the clitoris.
Quite amazing don't you think? Unfortunately, there are also a lot of causes that prevent a woman to achieve an orgasm.

Vrouwelijk orgasmeDifficulties to achieve orgasm are often linked to emotional problems, such as unrecognized expectations, an need for control, not being able to let go, or unresolved fears. These emotions can make it difficult to recognize erotic-sexual feelings, let alone accept them. Only when we approach ourselves with openness and without expectations can we create healing. Observation of what happens in reality - regardless of what should happen - now becomes possible. Behind this lies the orgasm.

Suppressed or unprocessed injuries can cause yoni pain, dryness or narrowing. These injuries may have been caused by abuse, but also simply by an environment that did not stimulate a healthy sexual life. Every erotic feeling reminds you of this injury, and your yoni tries to protect you from these memories by feeling painful or dry. This makes easy, enjoyable vaginal stimulation impossible. Your yoni sets limits for you, which you can shift by carefully approaching the problem with patience and trust.

To solve such problems, there is a need for a protective and harmonious space, time and a lot of patience. Attention is needed to bring these injuries to the surface from the subconscious. They want to be recognized, accepted with love, so that they can be released peacefully. A yoni massage helps to solve these old injuries and blockades, leaving room for new and pleasant experiences.

The level of pleasure that can be achieved during orgasm and other sexual acts is also linked to the tension and flexibility of the pelvic floor muscles and how much space you have in your pelvic floor. Muscle tension in the pelvic floor prevents your possibilities on a sexual level, while external muscle tension reduces your ability to relax.

Yin and Yang

Yin Yang YoniThe polarity of yin and yang is reflected in the structure of the yoni. According to this insight, the clitoris represents the yang principle, so that a clitoral orgasm is also called a 'male' orgasm. It is an explosion: short and powerful. The vaginal canal, including the G-spot and the urethral sponge, represents the yin principle, whereby a vaginal orgasm is called a 'female' orgasm: it is expansive, deep and long. No wonder that a combination of clitoral and vaginal stimulation is considered by most women to be the deepest, holiest and most fulfilling orgasm of all. In order to become aware of the difference, it is recommended to practice both types of stimulation, first after each other and then combined.

Often problems with our sexuality or orgasms arise from an imbalance of yin and yang. If we have too much yin and too little yang, the excitement is lacking. Despite the fact that we are very soft and open, a lack of yang energy can prevent us from building up the internal tension necessary for excitement. If we have too much yang and too little yin, we are unable to give ourselves. We can not let go and are therefore unable to surrender ourselves despite the high excitement. Some women can experience both extremes during one and the same yoni massage. These extremes can become more balanced as soon as we become more aware of the energy cycles within ourselves. When we make a decision to give priority to constructive thoughts and new experiences, we can let go of old structures and patterns and risk something completely new, healing and powerful. Massages, breathing exercises, curiosity and a willingness to test something support this process enormously.

Breathing and consciousness

Breathing is life; Breathing deep can help your consciousness and purification. Proper breathing can help spread the energy that builds up during a yoni massage, increasing our awareness, which induces internal purification and the generation of energy. We can positively influence the transformation of our sexual energy with our imagination and certain exercises.

When a woman does not pay attention to her breathing when she is touched, her attention will stray as it is used to. For example, if a young person feels guilty while masturbating, her attention will be completely absorbed by feelings of shame, which prevents the free flow of sexual energy. Conscious breathing thus offers an opportunity to change typical sexual behavior and thought patterns and to only focus attention on sensations and the body's own messages.

Vrouwen masturbatie schaamteEach yoni massage also activates the chakras through conscious breathing, creating a real possibility for growth and a more extensive awareness.


Masturbation is, unfortunately, often still regarded as something unusual for women. This action is seen as a sign of a shortcoming instead of something valuable that can stand alone. Many see it as a last resort for when there is no "other way" to alleviate sexual tension. However, it is important to be able to enjoy our sexuality and celebrate it at any time and as often as we like, both inside and outside a relationship. Masturbation can help us feel complete and independent about our sexual potential.

Exercises with a yoni egg

Yoni eiYou can do exercises with a yoni egg to strengthen your sexual region with the aim of allowing the sexual energy to flow freely. By improving blood circulation and muscle strength, this brings energy to the lower half of the body. Better circulation also makes you more resistant to infections and fungi, incontinence and other problems with the cervix, uterus or ovaries. When the pelvic floor becomes stronger, you gain more control over your muscles and learn to consciously use them during your sexual activity. A regular work-out with a yoni egg, for example doing Kegel exercises, therefore greatly increases your potential for sexual receptivity and the possibility of orgasms. Strengthening your muscles will also allow you to achieve vaginal orgasm without penetration.